BT. The unknown quantity in mid-market IT?

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When I was approached about having a meeting with BT Engage IT I thought "who are they?"

It turns out they serve UK companies that sit between the high end BT Business operation and the low end BT Global Services brand with end to end IT services.

The company is just about to embark upon a major customer recruitment drive.

According to managing director Martin Balaam the target customer will have between 500 and 5000 IT users. It has quite a long list of customers including esure, Grampian Fire and Rescue.

The company had a turnover of about £200m last year and employs 800 people.

The reason I met up with Martin is that the company is about to embark on a big push for more customers.

BT Engage IT acquired two companies in recent years to increase its capability. It bought Basilica which was a big HP reseller to give it an IT hardware capability and acquired Xpert, which was a networking equipment supplier.

Although the company sells to over 2000 customers it has about 100 close full service relationships. Balaam says, now that the company has integrated acquisitions and decided on its strategy, the target is increase this latter figure to 600.

"We have been keeping ourselves under wraps until we were ready and now that we are we are pushing on," says Balaam.

Let's hope it avoids some of the over excersions of its big brother BT Global Services.

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