Infosys faces charges in US and accused of "stupid American" slur and Christian criticism

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An  employee in the US at Indian offshore IT service provider Infosys has filed a complaint with the Alabama court alleging Infosys is involved in visa fraud and tax evasion.

In the UK companies like Infosys are often accused of bending the visa and tax rules.

To make matters worse the employee, Jack Palmer, who has been working with the company as a principal consultant in the US,

Since filing his report, he says, he has been "subjected to constant harassment, threats, and retaliation" including "numerous threatening phone calls"; monitoring of his e-mails; "racial taunts or slurs, including being called 'a stupid American' and criticised for being a Christian"; refusal to pay his bonuses; refusal to "reimburse him for customary and substantial expenses"; and being forced to work more than 70 hours a week "without appropriate compensation," reported the Court House News Service.

Read the full story here.

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