IT Jobs are still being sent offshore by the shipload, but what happens to the UK workers that lost jobs?

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When will the offshoring of UK bank IT jobs end?

Barclays is the latest to announce another round of offshoring. This time it is back office and call centre workers at Barclaycard in Northampton and Teeside. The jobs are going to India.

There have been so many IT jobs send to destinations such as India I have lost count. Lloyds TSB for example is another major offshorer.

Whenever I write the stories there is always a line from the company stating that new jobs will be created and the bank will try to redeploy the workers affected.

I would like to hear the views of IT and back office workers that have had their jobs offshored.

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1 Comment

They will leave IT or they will accept lower wages in the face of competition, or like me they leave the country.

Interested to see in Denmark the Danes are not so accepting of this kind of thing:

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