IT professionals tire of poor management and a third expect to leave IT, but it's not all doom and gloom

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The questionnaire created by a reader of this blog, which set out to shed light on the debate about the UK IT skills shortage, has now closed after 170 IT professionals contributed.

I will now write about the findings, which are very revealing.

For example 48 out of 170 (28%) do not expect to be in the IT industry in five years time.

Thanks to everyone that completed the survey.Thanks Matt for putting it together

Here are a couple of the comments left by the final batch of respondents.

"I expect my role to be outsourced within the next 18 months."

"I work in the public sector. I am tired of poor management, lack of vision, the wasting of money and too many colleagues who "swing the lead". The current financial squeeze may improve things, but I doubt it. I also want to work at something which gives me more job satisfaction, even if that means taking a salary cut."

But it's not all doom and gloom with many respondents positive about the industry.

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