Which IT services firm will Oracle buy?

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I had an interesting email from a reader in the US yesterday. He is Stephen Jannise who is an analyst at a company called ERP Software Advice. He wrote an article about Oracle's next move likely to be in the services space and that an acquisition is likely.

Mark Hurd's move to Oracle from HP is the trigger says Jannise.

"While Hurd was at HP, he strengthened the services layer of their stack through the acquisition of EDS. Now, he has to do the same for Oracle, and I've listed six major IT services firms that could help him accomplish that goal.

HP bought EDS, Dell acquired Perot Systems and Xerox took control of ACL. So Oracle could be next to fork out on an established service provider.

Oracle has plenty of cash. It is also a regular acquirer. But who will it buy?

According to the article here are some potential buys and why they are potential according to Jannise. I have linked to some blogs I have written about these companies recently.

1 - Capgemini

2 - Infosys

3- Tata Consultancy Services

4 - Wipro

5 - Accenture

6 - Unisys

7 - Cognizant

Here is the full article by Stephen Jannise.

Also see: Can Mark Hurd make a success of Oracle?

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