Immigration caps are damaging the UK economy, says Vince Cable

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It is as official as it could be when the business secretary says it. "A lot of damage is being done to British Industry" by the cap on work visas, enforced by the government.

Yes Vince Cable said this in an interview with the FT.

See a video of the interview here:

Since I started writing about the possibility of a cap in February. I have had mixed responses from industry experts about the impact it will have on IT,

He did not mention any damage being done to the IT sector. The Indian IT suppliers were against the caps.

Vince Cable told the Financial Times in an interview (see video below) that he has examples of the cap making recruitment difficult for UK businesses.

He told the FT: "I've got a file full of examples. This is not just people whingeing," he said. This blog said the same thing in February.

The immigration cap survived the negotiations between the Liberals and the Tories when forming a coalition. In contrast to a cap the Liberal Democrats wanted an amnesty on people in the UK illegally. They also had a plan to have immigrants live in the regions where their skills are in demand. 


1 Comment

With 500 million EU citizens for UK businesses to choose from, and many millions of foreign workers in this country, this is just more bonkers nonsense from the Lib Dems.

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