HP CEO Mark Hurd resigns after sexual harrasment and false expenses inquiry

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Just saw this article in the Telegraph today.

Just when HP seemed to be getting itself together in the services space, it has been rocked.

CEO Mark Hurd has, according to reports, been forced to quit following an HP inquiry that concluded he had made false expense claims.

He is also said to have been having a "close personal relationship" with a femal contractor.

See more on this story in the Wall Street Journal and Reuters

I wonder how all those former EDS workers, who have been made redundant and have had their pay and benefits cut, feel now?

I wrote an article about just how much Hurd earned at HP. It clearly wasn't enough for him. Here it is. Hurd is thought to be in line for a payout of up to $50m.

Will this knock HP back. Its share price has already tumbled.

See here what Gartner has to say about it.

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