Brazilian says English language skills in short supply in Brazil

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While I am focussing on IT offshoring to Brazil, as my colleague Angelica Mari is seeing it for herself, I thought I would tell a story about somthing that happened this weekend.

I was out shopping with my partner and two kids. Me and my little boy and girl were waiting as mamma was trying on clothes.

My son is eight months old and I have to say he is very cute. As such he catches the eye of many people.  This time it was a young lady working in the shop, who turned out to be Brazilian.

When she had finished being mesmerised by my son, we had a conversation.

She spoke excellent English so I asked her about the level of English in Brazil. She told me that when she is in airports in Brazil she often has to help English speaking people when they fail to communicate with airport staff.

So Brazil has a very well developed IT capability but could it, like China, be short on English?

We also talked about football obviously. She is Brazilian and I am a Geordie after all. She didn't like the fact that I fancied Argentina to win.


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