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Mahindra Satyam has donated two extra tickets to  the 2010 FIFA World Cup™ final to Computer Weekly.

The company which is providing software to the event and is an official sponsor of the event, has already contributed seven tickets which are being given away in a competition.

Please give us an IT related caption for the picture below. The best will win two tickets to the final on July 11 in Johannesburg. The prizes are just tickets to the final and do not include travel and accommodation.

pic 8.JPG

Please fill in your caption in the comments section and ensure you put your name and email in the correct fields.

I will judge the best caption on 15th May so you have until then.

Terms and conditions apply.


Give me freedom of communication!

"And I said to Mr Gates - This would make a great logo for Windows 8"

managing uncertainity...partnering growth!

Waving a flag for Mahindra Satyam - the software keeping the tournament hopping

'The Google Wave never looked so good, did it Larry?' Sergei Brin to Larry Page.

Windows 7 may not have been their idea, but the World Cup in South Africa was - honestly!




FIFA World Cup...sigh...I prefer cricket. A computer once beat me at chess, but it was no match for me with my cricket bat.

Not a cloud in sight Fifa 2012 Powered in the clouds

"Over here John! we've got another dead spot. You better install an access point on the crossbar"



FIFA World Cup...sigh...I prefer cricket. A computer once beat me at chess, but it was no match for me with my cricket bat.

"To avoid loosing anyone during the tour, please follow the flag. On my right is....."

Cooee Nelson, we're over here.

"The tournamnet will go ahead, look not a volcanic ash in sight."

FIFA brings together the best football teams in the world under the South African flag. Mahindra Satyam brings the world together through leading Information Technology for this major sporting event.

FIFA brings together the best football teams in the world under the South African flag. Mahindra Satyam brings the world together through leading Information Technology for this major sporting event.

"No idea who will take the cup, but I'm putting my money on SAY."

Sepp Blatter whispers under his breath, "Can someone please call Mahindra Satyam! This maritime signal method just is not working." Just goes to show there is no substitute for quality P.S. how long before this World Cup 2010 for Wii CGi stadium graphic wears off...keep smiling!

There........that's the Cloud we are going to use.
The big fluffy one.....................

"See I told you I could get a signal on my phone."

And so Sepp, that concludes our 2010 World Cup assistant referee outsourcing proposal....

Here's to crowd computing!

"The world watches on as the iFlag is finally unveiled...."

"United we stand, behind the 'net' (goal)"

I'm a PC and the world cup 2010 was my idea

"Wave your flag in the Aiiiirrrrr, wave it like you just don't caaaare, Server up yet boys?"

Plenty of blue seats, a few yellow but red all gone... sounds familiar!

hey, these 3D glasses really make you feel like you are actually there! look at my flag...

OK I'm ready for fail over testing of the flag pole.

BIT by BIT, with HARD DRIVE and NETWORKING, we are the SERVERS of the 2010 Soccer World Cup!

BIT by BIT, with HARD DRIVE and NETWORKING, South Africa are the SERVERS of the 2010 Soccer World Cup.

See Sepp when I raise this flag all internet users have been hypnotised to start buying tickets, there won't be half empty stadiums after all!!

Generally it’s gone great, but as you can see we’re having a few problems with crowdsourcing.

"Yes, we got the same project manangers for the stadium that managed Swanick air traffic control project"

...and thus, with a wave of the Mahindra Satyam magic flag, the heads of miniature assistants or 'serfs' suddenly appear on the right shoulders of Zweli and Issa. Everything is in place.

Mr. Motlanthe speaks: "You are right Sepp – Irvin does look a little uncertain, but that is because I have conjured a special 'doubt net' onto his left shoulder. You see... we have finally completed the 'Micro-serfed doubt-Net' implementation, just like you asked for."

Be careful not to set the 'Install_Crowd' flag like this Mr Blatter, because as you can see behind you, if you hold it straight up in the air, all the spectator rows will be instantly deleted!


soccer is my passion this is my last hope to watch. i would honour your company if you let me live the dream just like how your company does

It would appear that outsourcing the Mexican wave to the South African committee may have reduced the impact somewhat!

Be sure to flag the FIFA World Cup on your events schedule! We are!

Ummm... I'm not sure this is what he meant by "flag important messages in your in box" sir

In trialling the event management software with high numbers of concurrent users, Kgalema begins to regret the decision to base the solution on the use of semaphores.

Sepp Blatter - 'Mr Motlanthe, you're meant to appear impartial'.

Sepp Blatter to Kgalema Motlanthe 'When I said flag to follow up that's not quite what I meant'.

Sepp Blatter to Kgalema Motlanthe 'I think you're a bit premature marking your Flag Complete I can clearly see seats not fitted in the top tier'.

Kgalema Motlanthe: C'mon on guys, loosen up! Altogether now - "Who ate all the pies? Who ate all the pies? Sepp Blatter! Sepp Blatter!"

"Just shout 'Tech Mahindra create the next wave', wave the flag, and then they'll open the hospitality area."

The redesigned linesman's flag prove popular with the hosts.

"...and to conclude our demonstration of the 'multi-coloured fill' feature in PhotoShop: we just swipe the flag tool across the top tier of seats, and they'll be filled in a rainbow of colours just like the bottom two."

'I said I wanted a major sporting event in South Africa, World Cup 2010, it was my idea'.

"Turn it off......Turn it back on again!" "PC's huh?" "I told ya semaphore was an easier way to comunicate".

Initially perplexed by His Excellency's frantic dusting of the stadium roofspace, it slowly dawns on the delegation that it may have been a mistake to allow Mr. Motlanthe to demonstrate the "Web Services" they're providing for FIFA.

If England win
Fly the flag

For all their protestations, the Disaster Recovery Hosting Site team can't dispute the flag - they've been caught by the off-site trap.

single flag error

Unable to agree what colour to flag the event, the delegation decided to use them all.

World Class Software Wins World Cup

Play as one to win!

WE will put our heart and soul to make this FIFA world cup a big sucess and for the fans world wide

An error has occured.

Through passion, nothing is impossible

Officially, the World Cup 2010, has now been flagged (for follow up).

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