T-Systems deal shows potential of networks

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T-Systems' deal with TUI Travel is an interesting one. It shows the potential of networks of the future.

Using Microsoft Office Communicator, TUI is transforming the way it can stay in touch with customers and keep all its staff connected to the same information, regardless of where they are.

Things like this will never be done internally. The multi faceted skills base of suppliers and their track records make them an obvious sourcing choice. T-Systems gives TUI the Microsoft skills and the network expertise. TUI also has the security in the knowledge that T-Systems is owned by Deutsche Telekom, a massive company.

But after talking to T-Systems' UK head Sam Kingston I was left with the impression that the company could offer much more.

He talked about creating networks with Google like intelligence. For instance when you contact a company the network immedsiatelly knoews who you are. No more long lists of questions.

Not only that but imagine how well the company could provide appropriate services. It knows who you are, what you like and what you might like to know. Amazon and Google are great examples. Imagine how well that could work in tourism.

So suppliers are not just about track records, specific technology skills and vendor retionships. Add to that ideas.

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