IBM could reduce its workforce by 299,000 in seven years

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IBM has told Personnel Today that it could reduce its workforce from 399,000 today to 100,000 in 2017.

2017 is the planned completion date of the completion of its its HR transformation programme.

Tim Ringo, head of IBM Human Capital Management, told Personnel Today IBM would re-hire the workers as contractors for specific projects and when necessary use crowdsourcing.

He said it was only being considered at present.

"There would be no buildings costs, no pensions  and no healthcare costs, making huge savings," he said.

Sounds like what in India is known as "The Bench."


Sounds like greed to me. Just more people unemployed and those who are without benefits. (This post was changed slightly to meet editorial policy.)

A very sad inside view of IBM thinking. This is from the company that once proudly proclaimed ''respect for the individual'' but now gives the impression of managing by numbers. Ref also to the latest numerically driven banding of employees, scant regard to skills and contribution, plus the degrading of the Pwnsion plan. Thanks, A loyal IBMer.

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