HP strike should be a message to Siemens

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HP workers are on strike again in the UK. The workers many of which are former EDS employees are unhappy with redundancies and pay freezes.

In the light of the various industrial relations disputes going on, I spoke to Siemens last week about it's own industrial relations troubles. Workers at Siemens, on the BBC contract have, been balloted over industrial action by union Bectu.

If workers vote in favour of a strike their will almost certainly be a 24 hour strike of workers as well as other disruptions. This action could hit the coverage of the election build-up as well as sporting events.

I asked Siemens if it was planning on talking to the union. Its representative told me that if the ballot voted in favour of action it would. I think this is a bit negative. Would it not be better to talk now to show that the company is committed to helping its staff?

Getting around the table should not be something you do at teh last minute. It is not good for business when workers are unhappy, is it?

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