HP, Fujitsu and now Siemens face strike action

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Businesses outsourcing their IT have never been more aware of the risks of leaving staff  welfare in the hands of service providers.

We have all seen the troubles that HP has had recently with workers it picked up through its deal with the DWP. HP workers who joined as part of its acquisition of EDS have been unhappy about redundancies, pay cuts and changes to the pension scheme. Workers have been involved in strikes recently.

Then there is Fujitsu, which has had its own industrial relations strife. Again pay, pensions and redundancies are the trouble spots. The company last week avoided strike and postponed redundancies as union members mulled over an offer it made to them.

And now its Siemens staff at the BBC who could go on strike. They are unhappy with pay freezes and redundancies.

So workers that are business critical to you, but controlled by a supplier, are unhappy with their treatment. They then decide to go on strike.

I would have thought these workers have a strong card. It can't look good to the customer.

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