Tiger Woods still a good advert for Accenture?

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I had to point to this advert for Accenture services. A colleague was greeted by it in an airport when returning from a press trip. Also financial services blogger Chris Skinner drew it to my attention in his Financial Services Club blog.

Tiger woods.JPG


Looks like he is thinking of jumping in after the ball.

Uhm.. It is a shame what has happened to Tiger however you nonetheless have to respect him as a sports man. Just because he is a impressive sportsperson doesn't mean you have to be fond of him as a individual! There are tons of folks who I think a lot of for their work but wouldn't want to meet them!

Poor Tiger Woods. He might get back notwithstandinh the setback

I'd say it's all over for Tiger Woods.

I still think Tiger is the greatest golfer of all time. In spite of his mistakes of the course, he still rocks!

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