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Technology analysts talk a lot.

It is therefore extremely rare to find one single paragraph that sums up the state of open standards based software application development coming from a tech analyst.

Chris Marsh at Yankee Group is different, he tells it like it is.

The Computer Weekly Open Source Insider has not seen a succinct summary put down lucidly that covers such a wide gamut of software development.

So, time to stop the preamble... the Yankee man speaks:


"Our research shows that enterprises are coming to expect service and platform vendors to offer more collaborative and integrated workflows to help developers, non-developer line-of-business teams and project owners work more effectively together," said Chris Marsh, principal analyst at Yankee Group. "The leading mobile app platforms will be characterised by open and extensible architectures, an API management and data orchestration layer, extensive developer libraries, agnosticism to tools, infrastructures and standards, integrated testing and analytics and a rich ecosystem."

Marsh's comments were made with relation to a new product release from FeedHenry.

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