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Twitter obviously makes more headlines for its user-facing news-related goings on than it does for its back room engineering and 'enabling' technologies.

In some kind of effort to redress that balance, I will make brief mention here of the fact that Twitter has selected a Drupal-based community solution for its new Twitter developer website at

As the company that provides commercial solutions for the Drupal open source content management platform, Acquia explains that the site provides information, tools, assistance and support for the 750,000 developers across the Twitter ecosystem.

"It includes access to documents, APIs, tips, tutorials, a blog and forums designed to connect developers to the Twitter team and each other," says the company.

Acquia insists that that this usage of Drupal shows that it is truly a best-of-breed platform for community websites.

"Twitter has always been deeply supportive of open source efforts like Drupal," said Ryan Sarver, Twitter's director of platform. "We made the decision to go with Acquia and Drupal for our new site because of the customisation and flexibility."


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