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Video: Birmingham City University works with IT companies like SAP and Microsoft

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In the third video interview from our roundtable with Microsoft, Rehan Bhana, senior lecturer, Birmingham City University, discusses the benefits of the university working with industry partners.

Bhana is responsible for developing curricula for postgraduate and undergraduate courses. The university has worked with SAP to develop a Master of Science in Enterprise Systems Management. Through the course, he says, "A lot of our students get access to analytics software and an opportunity to [speak to] specialist staff."

The course provides students with relevant skills and an opportunity for student work placements at SAP and SAP partners, according to Bhana. The university also works with Microsoft and Oracle. It supports Oracle's Think Quest and Microsoft's Imagine Cup competition. He says such competitions offer the student an international platform and allows students to problem-based learning from an industry perspective.

Video: Why work placements work

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In this video blog post Peter Goring, a student at Kingston University, talks about the need for university students to have some form of "guaranteed work placement." He says, "Many student do not understand the benefits of getting a placement."

However, Goring believes that if universities only select a few companies for industry placements, it may restrict student choice and their experience. 

H advises students to start early in the jobs market. "Students have to learn to sell themselves well and build a portfolio now, such as create a website from scratch, with lots of pictures of what you have done, using clear concise writing."

This video was filmed as part of a Microsoft roundtable discussion. Watch the video interview with Microsoft's Simon May >>
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Video interview: Skills upgrade

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It has been a few weeks since the last post. We have been busy at Computer Weekly working on a series of video podcasts on IT skills and training.

Simon May, previously worked in financial institutes, He has been a technical evangelist at Microsoft for a year. In this video May says that previously, there was a lot of stability in IT skills. However, things like cloud and consumerisation means that people have to upgrade their skills.

Given the state of the economy, he believes that businesses will need to reduce costs, while at the same time, grow. IT is one of the ways to achieve this, and so IT training is key.

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