K9 privacy campaigner fakes death on Google, or was it killed?

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Not to be outdone by its two legged friends one dog in Chile decided to fake its own death on Google.

Back in June just for a laugh, a garage owner in Edinburgh faked an assault while a Google StreetView camera was driving by. A bit of clever police work soon revealed that it was a prank and the victim was not dead or even injured.

But proving that dogs are not just smelly stupid creatures, one dog in Chile has got Google stumped. A Google StreetView car has an image of the dog running in the road followed by another picture of it lying in the road. Such is the uncertainty surrounding the episode, despite a smoking gun, officials at Google are currently investigating whether the dog is dead or alive.

There are suspicions it was all a set up to damage Google's name as the dog is thought to be linked to a dog privacy group against Google Streetview. The  group is attempting to get the same blurring rights that humans get on StreetView,

The dogs are said to send messages via the barking medium to alert each other when a StreetView car is approaching.

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