Hundreds of reasons for unique Twitter handle

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There are literally hundreds of reasons for ensuring a unique, slightly anonymous Twitter handle, a 60 year old radiator salesman has discovered.

He was reportedly bombarded with hundreds of abusive tweets after the Italy vs England football match in the opening round of the World Cup in Brazil.

Footie fans angered by former football player Phil Neville's commentary for the BBC, launched a barrage of complaints at the Twitter account @philneville.

Unfortunately, the recipient was Phil Neville the radiator salesman, and not Phil Neville the commentator, who was partly protected by his less obvious Twitter handle of @fizzer18. 

But the other Phil Neville, who has also been on the receiving end of messages from fans of the former footballer, felt sorry for his commentating namesake and tweeted a good luck message. 

Despite the complaints, the BBC has confirmed that Neville will remain in the commentator's chair, but Downtime suggests that he stays away from Twitter for a while. 

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