Tories could turn to Google to cut NHS surgery costs

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News that a manufacturer is developing ways to use Google Glass in the operating theatre should be kept out of sight and earshot of any Tory Minister.

IT suppliers are putting together a demonstration on the potential uses of Google Glass in surgery.

Google Glass could help doctors in monitoring blood pressure, heart rate, and other vital signs during operations.

But we all know that Tory Ministers like to impress the boss with innovative ways to cut costs. Surgeons are expensive, but Jobseekers with Google Glasses are not. This could slash costs and cut waiting times. Eventually the Tories could have eradicated the need for actual operating theatres for the poor. A local community hall would suffice.

Imagine it. Jobseeker 1: "Remove the aortic valve. Where is that then?" Jobseeker 2 in assistance: "Google it." Job done.

But before you get any ideas Hunt, remember what happened in Lewisham.


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