Scottish cyber anarchy and independence could trigger US invasion

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News that the latest person to be accused of hacking systems belonging to various US government agencies has Scottish roots has sent shockwaves down the UK spine as the nation famous for whiskey and male fashion could become the new Iran.braveheart.JPG

Following in the footsteps of Scots Gary Mckinnon and Jake Davis, Lauri Love, the son of a Scottish Baptist minister, who was arrested over hacking into US military systems was trained at a camp in Scotland.

As the US is being seen globally to be losing its hegemony it could turn its attentions on what it perceives as an easy target. A split from the UK will mean Scotland will lose its status as part of the US's greatest ally. 

Dossier's containing details of weapons of mass destruction will not need to be fabricated as it has already been proved that fried food and alcohol kills.

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