Zynga to attempt to equate chess and word games with sex

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Makers of the euphemistically termed "casual sex matchmaking app" called "Bang With Friends" are facing legal action over its name from games studio Zynga.

But not for the reason most people would think.

Zynga are not up in arms about the use of a vulgar slang term, but because they claim it trades on its games called "Words With Friends" and "Chess With Friends" according to the BBC.

Downtime is undecided as to which is funnier: the name of the new app, or the fact that Zynga is going to court over it, but wishes them luck in drawing parallels between casual sex, word games and chess.

The "Bang With Friends" app was removed from the Apple app store a week after it was initially listed in May on the grounds that it was "offensive content", but it is still available on Google Play.

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