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We all have our little fears when it comes to the bedroom and living up to expectations. We want our partners to, well, enjoy themselves during our encounters, not be so bored they work through the alphabet backwards in French in their heads.

But, it seems a lot of men and women are not achieving their goal of keeping the other person in the room occupied and eyes seem to be wandering... to mobile phones.

A new survey claims 48% of men and a huge 62% of women have paused having sex to check their mobile phones. Now, perhaps one can forgive an important phone call or, at a push, the text you have been waiting for all day, but 4% admitted to updating their social networks in the middle of getting busy. Excuse the text speak but WTF?

We don't know whether to judge the always connected society we live in, praise the skills of the technology manufacturers for getting us so hooked or send everyone a copy of the karma sutra and a voucher for Ann Summers to improve technique.

All we do know is people need to start washing their hands after using their smartphones...

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