Don't eat horse meat - print it instead

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The world of late has been full of vegetarians loudly crowing about their lifestyle choices after everyone else discovered they had been eating horses in their beefburgers and Findus lasagne.

But if one US start-up is successful, veggies might have even more reason to get on their high horse (sorry...).

Modern Meadow (official tagline - "Making Leather and Meat Better") is proposing to produce raw "meat" - by printing it through a 3D printer.

The company is backed by cash from Silicon Valley venture capital legend Peter Thiel, a co-founder of PayPal and one of the early investors in Facebook.

Before long, you might just be popping down to Tesco to pick up a family-size cartridge of beef (or horse) ready to print your Sunday roast. (Although you can bet it will still cost less than HP ink).

If that doesn't put you off, then listen to what Modern Meadow founder Gabor Forgacs told the BBC earlier this year: "We are printing live material - [the] cells are alive when we are printing them."

So, in some strange future version of a supermarket, that's going to be the new definition of "fresh" meat.

Downtime feels the widely held popular response to such a product will be along the lines of: "Eeeuuuuwww!!"

The Vegetarian Recruitment Fund is yet to admit to its backing of the venture.

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