Technology thwarts technology

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Why do people invent things?

Seemingly so that other people can invent something else to thwart whatever they have invented, which is certainly the case with the so-called "privacy visor".

It amounts to what appears to be a rather badly-designed pair of spectacles aimed at thwarting hidden cameras using facial-recognition software.

The device - invented by Japan's finest scientists - are equipped with a near-infrared light source, which confuses the software without affecting vision, according to reports

The inventors claim that as a result of developments in facial recognition technology in social networks and geotagging of images, measures are required to prevent invasion of privacy images captured secretly or unintentionally. 

Presumably these specs would also be rather handy for criminals or anyone else wanting to dodge facial recognition technology, increasingly being used by law enforcers. 

Probably far easier to wear a mask or heavy make-up because no-one who is even vaguely fashion conscious would be seen dead wearing high-tech disguise if the prototypes are anything to go by. 

The extremely paranoid may go for it, though. In November, it emerged some shop mannequins were collecting data on shoppers using a hidden camera and facial-recognition software, reports said. 

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