Apple's Siri silenced on a certain topic in China

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Apple's voice recognition technology on the iPhone is used widely in China to provide help in finding suppliers of goods and services, but it has been silence on one particular topic.

According to reports, Apple has neutered Siri after the state-run China Daily reported that Siri was directing users to brothels, despite prostitution being banned in the country.

Nearly nine million users of the Chinese version of Twitter, Sina Weibo, commented on the topic, but soon after, Siri was silent on the matter.

According to one user of Sina Weibo, Siri has been deprived of one of its strengths because the technology was better at finding brothels than traditional Chinese restaurants. 

Now, when asked about brothels, Siri replies with more diplomatic responses such as "There seems to have been a mistake" or "I didn't find anybody by that name".

This is not the first time Apple has intervened over its digital assistant Siri, most notably when it appeared to favour smartphones from Nokia rather than the iPhone. 

When asked "what is the best smartphone ever", Siri replied that it was the Nokia Lumia 900. This response was quickly replaced with: "Wait - there are other smartphones?"
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