Youngsters! People might watch your personal porn!

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The Internet Watch Foundation has really been scraping the barrel for press coverage this week so who are we at Downtime to ignore their plea?

The online safety specialists have warned the youth of today that posting pornographic images online could lead to the pictures being stolen and posted on porn websites.

Apparently 88% of "self-generated, sexually explicit online images and videos of young people" end up being taken from their original location and uploaded onto other websites.

That's right youngsters, don't worry about taking naked photos of yourself and plastering them across Facebook or Twitter. This is something we accept. Just remember you could be losing royalties when they start being posted onto actual porn sites that make money from your exposure!

Ok, the IWF didn't put it quite in those terms but seriously, a study warning people who post naked photos of themselves online that people might see them? Seems like saying if you go to the supermarket in your pyjamas, people might stare.

Yes people are going to look at naked photos or the nutter in the supermarket in her nightwear, but neither would take such actions if they cared about people watching.  Maybe concern yourselves with young people posting these pictures in the first place...

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