Idiots should not be trusted with phones

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English: Cow in Malham, Yorkshire. "The s...

English: Cow in Malham, Yorkshire. Photo credit: Wikipedia

Ever thought about baking your mobile phone into a cake? No? How about using the torch on your iPhone to examine a cow's backside? Still no? Okay, we deem to sensible enough to own a mobile phone. has released a list of the weirdest claims they have ever had for losing handsets, which Downtime also read as a list of idiots who should not be trusted to have one.

Along with the vet losing his phone in a cow's bottom and the mother baking her daughter's phone into her birthday cake, there was a pyro-technician who left his phone in the blast zone, a man who dropped his out of a tree whilst trying to film a Blur gig and a dog walker who claims the phone was stolen by a bird.

The pyro guy and Blur fan were the only ones on the list of stupidity who didn't get a payout on their claim.

We know mobile insurance is often a farce but really, don't give these people new smartphones until they learn to look after them. 

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