GM pilots vehicle tracking unlikely to be popular with teen drivers

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General Motors is testing a vehicle tracking system in the US, which may be a great way of tracking stolen vehicles and giving peace of mind, but it also provides a way of keeping tabs on family members.

Likely to be less popular with teen drivers in a family, GM's OnStar Family Link enables users to check the vehicle location on a web-based map, according to US reports.

The only respite from the system that requires vehicle owners to install a custom OnStar rear-view mirror and subscribe to the OnStar service, is that location checking is not yet available for mobile devices.  Once the app goes mobile, there will be no place for errant teens to hide.

The system can send text or email alerts set for specific times and OnStar is planning to expand this to include alerts when a driver arrives at a destination, if a predetermined speed limit is broken or when a navigation boundary is crossed.

GM is to decide in September whether or not to launch the service across the US or not. The fate and happiness of millions of US teens rests on the decision.


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