Technology "triumphs" over vuvuzela noise at World Cup

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The sound of the Vuvuzela is part of football in South Africa, but has come in for some criticism for drowning out match commentators on television.

Researchers at the Centre for Digital Music at Queen Mary, University of London have seized the opportunity to find a technological solution.

They have come up with a way of eliminating the noise of the vuvuzelas while preserving the natural buzz of the game.

The devuvuzelator" is a piece of software that can be downloaded free of charge, but will work only for those watching the World Cup on a computer.



The first vuvuzela wasn't a vuvuzela!!! It was a bicycle horn?
I kinda like it! VVVVvvvvvvvvv!!

I was googling what on earth a vuvuzela was (someone mentioned it to me recently and I had no idea what he was talking about)! Now I'm enlightened (I think)!

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