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I don't know how many other people experience it but there's plenty of times I've gone to find data and it's vanished, disappeared, gone. You know where you saved it, know where you put it but it just ain't there no more. I call this Evapordation - the process by which data vaporises.

Unfortunately, the only law that applies to Evapordation (The Law of Denuded Returns) is that the data lost will be significant i.e. it will contain, contact, evidential or reference material that you were certain you had in your grasp. What's worse it wont be on your back up either.

Thank you Graham Norton

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Graham's site of the week is or 'Oh Crap. My Parents  Joined Facebook'. Very funny and well worth a look !

I suppose somewhere there is a site saying something like -

Never knowingly at the bleeding (or leading) edge of technology

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I just spotted this on Youtube and very touching it is too

Its Tuesday, it must be Sweden

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This week I am in Sweden and Finland showing of Microsoft EPM and Visio 2010 amongst other things, this time last week I was wondering how I was going to get to Lisbon.

I didn't.

Instead I delivered two session via Live Meeting to the TechDay conference I was going to attend. Although I really missed the physical feedback I get delivering to human beings I was impressed how our OCS environment was quickly marshalled to fill in the gaps arising from the 8 of us who were 'volcanus interruptus'.

This nordic week promises more of the excellent Bambi steaks!

A lifetime in IT but I still have to 'mug up' on stuff

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It is amazing to me that although I have been in this industry for more years than I care to count I still find nooks and crannies where I feel like a veritable babes in arms.

This week my focus is UML - frankly I knew it existed but it was not one of the tools that I have had to got 'eyeball to eyeball' on.

With my role encompassing Visio I have been called upon to demo the UML modelling capabilities of the product and frankly I am not sure where to begin, I have arrange some training with my colleagues in Redmond but that is only using the tool. I have put myself on a crash course on UML (through research) and 3 days on I realise what a deep and useful subject this is.

However my customer demo goes I am sure the investment in becoming familiar with the framework will be time well spend.

Developing Taxonomy

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Putting experience to good use I've written A guide to taxonomies for CW if the rain is keeping you out of the garden.

Like for Like

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I was talking with someone from FAST (Federation Against Software Theft). She asked what other sector could sell you products that don't work as specified, promise a path of productivity improvement and tie you into maintenance contracts. Didn't take long to answer - Politics I said.

Taxing Widows & Orphans

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The Digital Economy Bill going through Parliament will legislate that Orphan works are protected by copyright (i.e.stuff where the rights holder cannot be identified -- 40% of the British Libray archive collection is orphaned) All types of work can become orphaned; for example, archival sound and video and of course photographs -- particularly on the internet where metadata is easily stripped away.

The fine print on this legislation is still to be worked out but the inference is that HMG will act as a body to police orphaned copyright thus collecting the digital rights - Talk about stealth taxes. 

Look the world right in the Pixel

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"Walk tall. Walk straight. Look the world right in the eye", used to be a catchphrase. Now, such is the march of the digital age, that there's a course advertised on face-to-face communication skills.

Today's typical manager, it claims communicates mainly through voice and email and managing complicated business relationships with people they've never met. But what happens when you need to conduct performance reviews or negotiate a tough deal. You need help understanding the nuances when people meet.

If the course was directed at a new generation of robots I could understand but wait, just maybe, looking someone in the eye is a dying art!

One mouth - two ears

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Went to an event last night of a prospective political candidate. The organiser, who was a farmer, phoned her up and said '"let's postpone there's going to be snow." "No!" she said, "It will be fine."
Twenty minutes before the meeting kicked off she phoned-up canceling and was doing a U turn as the snow was too thick. To those that trudged through the slush The farmer made the curt remark. "She's a reputation for not listening. Guess this proves it."

How many times in business have you proffered advice; Seen it ignored and then watched the reckoning. The 'one mouth and two ears -- use them in equal proportion' adage is so often replaced by one mouth, cloth ears.


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