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Grow Your Own Air!

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If your organisation suffers from sick-office-syndrome pass this link on to Facilities -it's all about the right mix of plants for generating refreshing, healthy air - claims to improve productivity too. 

Not to be outdone by Ed Brill, I too have a new job!

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thumb_white.gif"It's a new dawn, 
It's a new day, 
It's a new life, For me, 
And I'm feeling good" 

So sings Michael Bublé and he could be singing about me. 

Today I have changed my career and will be supporting the adoption of Groove into organizations across most of Western Europe (except UK, France and Germany). 

Since 1988 I have been very privileged to have developed my passion for collaborative technology starting with cc:Mail and latterly with Notes and Domino and other Lotus products. But the apple has not fallen far from the tree for those of you who know the history of Microsoft's Ray Ozzie will recognize that Groove is essentially a genetic relative of the Notes family. 

Collaboration is in my blood therefore I am really looking forward to promoting the benefits of this type of capability to organisations that today see the transferring of files by email as the height of collaboration. As for this blog, it will continue to reflect my personal views on the world of Collaborative technology (plus my usual off the wall comments) however with a greater insight as to what Microsoft has to offer. 

My contribution will endeavour to have a slightly different agenda by moving to a greater focus on the benefits of collaboration technology. As part of this I want to cover how adoption benefits organisations, what are the pitfalls of deployment and the approaches to the persuasion of cynics. 

Hopefully a voice coming from a different angle will add a little bit to the combined knowledge (and maybe even wisdom) of the Collaboration community. 

So for now...

Goodbye and Hello

By the way good luck to Lotus Maven, Ed Brill, on his new job

I'm a tag cloud

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thumb_white.gifAdam Gartenberg has just brought my attention to a great site for generating tag clouds. is just fun, simply paste some text or link to a user name and see what pops out. I thought I would put my CV/Resume through as did Adam and see what come out.

The name has changed to protect the innocent

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thumb_white.gifIT people know that the one thing you should never do if you want to retain access to all your applications, is change your name. Today one of my companies changed its name, from one nonsensical moniker to another. We risked more than just access to applications but we had two companies and now they are one, so one name had to go. Lincoln Burnett Associates vanished.

A brief history of Ian

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Ian White - Technical Solution Professional, Western Europe - Microsoft

thumb_white.gifEvery since 1989 Ian has been an active advocate of collaborative technology through his association with Lotus. Starting with cc:Mail he became the second UK partner for Lotus Notes in 1991.

Ian has been at the helm of his own Business Partner company and worked for both Danish and South African corporations delivering solutions built on cc:Mail, Notes, Domino, Groove and today's Web based emerging technologies.

Over the last decade Ian has worked with both IBM and Microsoft to promote the use of collaborative technology to end users.

Since October 2008 Ian has been working across Western Europe for Microsoft (this excludes UK, France and Germany for historic reasons) promoting the benefits of using MS Office Groove for collaboration and more recently has added Visio to his portfolio.

Ian has previously presented at Lotusphere Europe and US and was a founder of the cc:Mail User group and been a trustee of the original Notes User group in the UK.

Ian is passionate believer in the benefits of effectively used collaborative technology and is using this blog to promote this.


The opinions expressed herein are the personal opinions of the authors and do not represent either of our employer's views in any way. All postings and code samples are provided 'AS IS' with no warranties, and confer no rights.

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