iPhone 4 and my 'so what' moment

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I like my iPhone 3GS, it mostly does what I want a phone to do - yes the battery life sucks and until the new OS was released, syncing with my Exchange calendar was so problematic that I rigidly kept to UK time when travelling overseas (all very confusing).

The iPhone 4 promised so much, huge hype had my nephew queuing up to be one of the first.

As I wandered past the O2 shop I thought I would pop in and take a look.

Franky unless you are desperate for the extended battery life and the forward facing camera I found myself under-whelmed by the device.

Yes, the screen is crisper but unless I spend my life with my nose glued to the screen then the iPhone 4 did not seem that much better than before. When I held the 3g and 4 next to each other there was no wow moment *and* the new screen is physically smaller.

Then there is the new form factor, gone is the unique 'cushion' what we have now is a blocky, quite heavy, handset that is simply a 'me too' amongst many. And, of the recent reports of signal loss due to 'poor holding of the phone' seem to point to inadequate prototype testing. 

So as of now I will live with and love my 3gs with iOS4 (which is very good) and wait and see if the iPhone 5 will change my mind.

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Ha! This did make me laugh - you're right. The iPhone is lovely, and I use my 3GS for all sorts of stuff that have nothing to do with telephones as such (as an e-reader, for example, and remote task manager). But at the end of the day it spends 90% of its time either in my pocket or lying on my desk. Lustful wannabe iPhone 4 owners remind me a bit of some of the respondents cited in the latest JD Power survey of car owners: while they loved their Land Rover Discoveries (or should that be "Discoverys"), they hated the insurance cost, service cost and poor fuel consumption. I beg your pardon? Did you not know about all these things before you rushed out and bought what is, by the criteria of status, roominess and road-tankworthiness, a highly desirable vehicle? And that's why people really want an iPhone 4 - for the sheer kudos.


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