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Water water everywhere, Nor any drop to drink

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OK, it's not every day I get to quote from the Rime of the Ancient Mariner but it seemed appropriate in this case.

This post from Andrew Winston on the Harvard Business Review blogs asks a very good question: is water the next carbon?

It follows the decision of the Carbon Disclosure Project  to publish its first report on the impact of water constraints on the world's largest corporations, clearly illustrating the significance and immediacy of water as a corporate issue.

Granted, it's a stretch to cover Water Disclosure in a blog about Green IT, but Andrew Winston's always a good read. Here, he discusses a few more issues of IT relevance in his Top Ten Green Business Stories of 2010. 

Happy New Year!

Greening Government Procurement: should you use the Carrot or the Stick?

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I was interested in the Energy Collective blog which contrasted the Coalition encouragement for  green government spending methods with those operated by the US General Services Administration under a new plan, the GreenGov Supply Chain Partnership.

The piece points out that whereas the U.S. GSA approach on the surface appears collaborative and designed to create a robust procurement process, the downside is that progress is likely to be slow. i.e. the "carrot" approach.   

In contrast, the U.K. approach applies more of the "stick".  In both cases, transparency and collaboration are keys to success.  The blog suggests that the GSA approach is somewhat unnecessary and does little more than slow down the inevitable.  The GSA wants  to "design an incentive-based approach to developing contracting advantages". The implication then is, 'OK, do it, just like the British government did.' 

The blog goes on, 'Perhaps the U.K has been at this a while longer, though I doubt it.  Greening of the U.S. government has been in slow motion (almost glacial) progress since President Clinton signed Executive Order 13123 in 1999.  As I recently said, private industry needs to stop procrastinating on green supply chain management or risk losing customers.  Why delay the inevitable so you can get it just right.  Perhaps my message to the GSA and U.S. policy makers is to also stop procrastinating and (as they say in Texas) "git 'er done".'

Or as they say in Whitehall, "These are the rules. Follow them."


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