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More reaction to CRC and the Spending Review

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Two more reactions here to the Government's plans for CRC in light of the Spending Review. Public had this view on the effect on public sector data centres.

Meanwhile, the Daily Telegraph tapped into the reaction of business with this piece reflecting 'fury' over the £1bn stealth tax.

Spending Review: Treasury makes grab for CRC revenues

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There have been many words written about the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) Energy Efficiency Scheme over the last year. Now there will be plenty more after the announcement in the Spending Review yesterday that revenue raised from the scheme will be used to support the public finances (including spending on the environment), rather than being recycled to participants.

Here's the Department of Energy and Climate Change press release

And here are some comments from Deloitte about the changes and by PWC

And a more in depth summary from Greenwise.

It will be interesting today to see further reaction from other organisations who have had plenty to say about CRC in the last year.


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