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The carbon sector starts to see more encouraging investment and M&A developments

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With finance still in mind, I was interested in this piece on the Cleantech Blog about carbon investment which suggests that the carbon sector has done well in merger and acquisitions (M&A) this year. You can read the post by Neal Dikeman here

Neal has also produced some cleantech investment 'rules' which say:

  1. Energy is slow and big - Energy technology R&D and commercialization time frames are longer and costs higher
  2. Technology is "cheap", the scale up is where all the risk is
  3. There is no disruptive technology in energy, only disruptive policies and resource shocks that make certain technologies look disruptive after the fact - aka, "it's the policies (and subsidies), stupid"
  4. At scale, there is no capital efficient investing in energy
  5. Commodity prices and policy tend to be more important variables than technology and management
  6. Energy is at heart a resource play, the price you pay matters more than what you do with the resource

You can read the whole story behind the rules here




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