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  • Peter Smith: We explained that "leap" in 2012 here. http://spendmatters.com/uk/data-spend-smaller-suppliers-uk-government-departments-cabinet-office-be-trusted/ MOD and read more
  • John Alexander: Bryan, Having watched the debate, and corresponded with both major read more
  • T Symon: Every Apple convert I speak to says the same about read more
  • Subas Roy: The Privacy laws need to be more explicit. With the read more
  • Philip Virgo: Only just spotted this. An interesting piece of analysis - read more
  • Scott Maxwell: At first you would think it's different than other data-gathering read more
  • Bobby Gladd: On my blog I call it "Interoperababble." http://regionalextensioncenter.blogspot.com/search?q=Interoperababble read more
  • Andy Powell: "as public services are disintermediated in the same way as, read more
  • Neville Fernandes: I cannot agree less that the same people in control read more
  • John Rudkin: Think Differently? The old model of IT in LG may read more




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