Job market on the rise for UK PHP developers

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You know what they say, never trust an estate agent, a recruitment consultant or a man who is left alone with a tea cosy and doesn't try it on. Well Billy Connolly may take the blame for the latter quote and estate agents are notoriously slippery, so what's the score with recruiters? 

For one, UK-based IT recruitment firm Mount Recruitment has stated that the country is currently witnessing a rise in demand for PHP developers. 

The agency's latest market report suggests that strong demand for PHP pros is showing that the web development industry continues to thrive in the UK.

PHP is basically a common-purpose scripting language initially intended for web development with a view to create dynamic web pages. 

According to website, "Keeping this [web development] purpose in view, the PHP code is rooted into the HTML. Moreover, PHP has developed to comprise a command-line interface competence and may be also used in separate graphical applications. The best part of PHP programming language is that it is possible to deploy it on the majority of the web servers and as a separate interpreter, on just about all operating systems as well as platforms free of charge."

Developed further under the auspices of code development specialist Zend Technologies, PHP is claimed to be deployed on over 20 million websites and one million web servers. 

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