SCM Systems - excuse me, but you have you got a license for that thing?

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Software Configuration Management (SCM) vendor Perforce has just added "subscription pricing" to its licensing options. The concept here being that customers get more choice if they can buy a simple one-year subscription for as little as $360 per user.

The company says that subscription licenses enjoy the full power of Perforce, including all integrations and plug-ins, software upgrades and technical support. Upon renewal, a portion of the subscription fees may be applied to the eventual purchase of perpetual licenses.

Perforce's SCM technology proposition hinges around the fact that software application development projects are inherently complex -- and that spiraling binaries, project skew and staff changes all necessitate a core central code repository (with layers of management control) to holistically coalesce and control the complete job in hand.

"Some companies want a powerful and scalable SCM system but are uncertain how many licenses they may need long term," said Dave Robertson, VP International for Perforce Software. "Rather than pay full price up-front for a perpetual license, the subscription option makes it more cost effective for new and existing customers to add or remove licenses on an annual basis."

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