Businesses still cautious about outsourcing security

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Businesses are still cautious about outsourcing their IT security, a survey of over 250 IT professionals in the UK and Europe reveals. Almost two-thirds of IT professionals said they do not want to outsource security, according to the research by Computer Weekly and TechTarget. However take-up of outsourced security services is likely to increase as services become more established and varied, with 15% saying they have not found a good fit with their business yet from the services currently available.

Thumbnail image for Security Purchasing Intentions 2013.gifYou can find out more about businesses' IT security priorities in 2013 by download this free 75 page report exclusively for Computer Weekly members.


I really do hope that the link for the 75-page report is working, but it’s not. Anyway, I think one of the most common reasons why most IT companies are still cautious about outsourcing security is because of the risks involved. In business, risks are really common and it’s just about how well you can manage them. Although this issue happens today, I think IT outsourcing still keeps on becoming a trend.

Alleti, thanks for your thoughts on this. The link is working now, so you should be able to download a copy of the report. Email me if you have any problems:

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