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  • Downtime

    Jack rabbits on

    Ryan Priest 27 Sep 2017

    Twitter’s move to double its 140-character limit to 280 has been marked by CEO Jack Dorsey unwittingly composing the worst tweet of all time, in a failed mission to justify the merits of waffle. ...

  • Downtime

    Activate living within its memes

    Ryan Priest 31 Aug 2017

    It’s hard to imagine any attempt to create a Tory answer to Momentum going very well, but the bumbling inception of Activate has exceeded all expectations of ineptitude. The all-new “independent ...

  • As we all know, software and artificial intelligence is going to run the world and make all the decisions on our behalf, probably starting from a week next Tuesday. Downtime has long felt it is our ...

  • Downtime

    A little less covfefe

    Ryan Priest 01 Jun 2017

    Donald Trump has written a new page into the book of Twitter folklore with his now deleted classic, “Despite the constant negative press covfefe”. The garbled message, surely reaching for the word ...

  • Downtime

    Retweet is murder

    Ryan Priest 11 May 2017

    A 16-year-old from Nevada’s quest for a year’s supply of chicken nuggets from US burger chain Wendy’s has broken Twitter’s retweet record, usurping the star-studded Oscars selfie uploaded by Ellen ...

  • Regular readers will know the deep commitment to quality journalism that Downtime embodies. As the cutting-edge blog of the Computer Weekly stable, within the office tales are legion of the lengths ...

  • Downtime’s thoughts today are with ex-Government Digital Service staffer Ivanka Majic’s Twitter mentions, after gaffe-prone president elect Donald Trump mistakenly copied her into a tweet hailing ...