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Best practices for email archiving

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Given the amount of business information that is contained in the multitude of emails received and sent every day and the need to preserve business records and correspondence for regulatory compliance and governance purposes, as well as for dealing with litigation requests, the use of email archiving technologies and services is growing fast.
Email archiving is not a standalone capability, but should rather be considered as part of a wider encompassing email management solution that provides complementary capabilities in mailbox management, policy enforcement, security, continuity and e-discovery. To ensure that any technology or service selected can cover all of these bases, the capabilities should be tightly integrated as part of one unified system that is built on a common architecture and that provides a single management interface. This will allow for centralised policy enforcement, and will provide management reports that provide an audit trail for governance and compliance purposes.
Bloor Research has today published a report that discusses what organisations should look for when evaluating products or services and looks at the delivery options available in terms of hosted services or on-premise deployments, or a hybrid mix of the two. It then provides details of some of the offerings of the major players in this market sector, comparing the strengths and weaknesses of each. The report can be accessed here: Best practices in email archiving.

BSIMM Version 3 - A Joy to Behold!

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The lastest version of BSIMM - Building Security in Maturity Model has just been released [27th September 2011]. 

When the BSIMM project started I was excited but apprehensive - the challenge to produce such a maturity model was enormous. With BSIMM3 we not only see the fruits of a huge amount of detailed work but the team behind it have proven that they can bring together lots of disparate firms with different ideas together under the BSIMM banner. The scientific foundation of BSIMM is its strength - the rigour behind the work is a joy to behold.

Check out the details here

Nigel Stanley
Practice Leader - Security
Bloor Research

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