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  • The impact that bad-bots are having on financial services organisations and how they can be mitigated is covered in Quocirca’s latest e-book in its Cyber-Security Threat Series.

  • Inspect-a-Gadget heads to London Tech Week to meet UMA, a conversational AI chatbot for the workplace. “It’s good to talk,” assured Bob Hoskins in the famous ’90s ads. The campaign - credited with ...

  • Downtime

    AlphaGo stick t'kettle on

    Ryan Priest 25 May 2017

    The world’s number one player of strategy board game Go has been beaten by Google’s DeepMind AlphaGo artificial intelligence (AI). Imagine the hours Ke Jie must have dedicated to playing Go, a ...

  • Elon Musk’s recent penchant for an Instagram selfie has sent some of tech’s more skittish observers twitching in their seats. The business magnate has his fingers in more pies than Little Jack ...

  • In Singapore, where labour is scarce and expensive, automating work processes to improve our productivity and free up time for higher-value work seems like a no-brainer. Yet, it is only in recent ...

  • In the science fiction drama series Humans, Laura feels displaced by Anita, a humanoid robot known as a synth that was bought by her husband to help with the household chores. Imbued with ...