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Investigating Outsourcing

An insider's view on the issues, trends and controversies around outsourcing and IT services.

December 2010

  • Centrica changes its outsourcer portfolio

    Karl Flinders - Services Editor 17 Dec 2010
  • Utility company Centrica is about to announce major changes to its IT outsourcing strategy.A contact of mine has filled me in.HP and Fujitsu will replace T-Systems in the datacenter and on the ...

  • Capgemini buys CS C (not that one)

    Karl Flinders - Services Editor 15 Dec 2010
  • Today seems to be the day for French IT services companies buying German IT services companies.First we had news that Atos Origin is acquiring the IT group of Siemens and now Capgemini is taking ...

  • Atos Origin to buy Siemens IT group

    Karl Flinders - Services Editor 15 Dec 2010
  • It looks like the IT services consolidation has hit Europe big time, with Atos Origin set to take over Siemens' IT operation for 850m Euros. The companies said this will create a European IT ...